Brighter Shores Embarks on a Unique Journey Free from Publisher Influence

Brighter Shores Embarks on a Unique Journey Free from Publisher Influence

By Ryan in News • Published 1 month ago

In the realm of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, few names carry as much weight as Andrew Gower, the original creator of RuneScape. Gower is now steering towards the horizon with his upcoming project, Brighter Shores, an MMO that promises to bring back the communal joy of online gaming. With a release date set for the third quarter of 2024, Gower and his tight-knit team of eight developers are charting a course that stands out in the industry, fueled by a commitment to independence and player satisfaction.

During an in-depth interview, Gower opened up about the unique position in which he finds himself and his team. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Gower's project is not shackled by external financial stakeholders. "We're in a very lucky position where there's no external investors," Gower explained. "This project is funded entirely by myself, leveraging my past successes. This independence means there's nobody dictating our direction or imposing profit-driven deadlines on us."

The absence of external pressures is a breath of fresh air in an industry often criticized for prioritizing profits over player experience. Gower’s vision for Brighter Shores is clear: to create a game that fosters a strong player community, reminiscent of the early days of RuneScape. "I miss the feeling of running an MMO where the community thrives together. My focus is on bringing in as many players as possible, hoping that if we prioritize their enjoyment, financial success will naturally follow," Gower stated.

The choice to work with a small team reflects Gower's strategic approach to development and growth. "We could have expanded our team, but I wanted to keep things sustainable. I'm funding this project without external investors, aiming for a model that allows us to grow organically post-launch," Gower shared. This thoughtful approach not only ensures the game's long-term viability but also keeps the team committed to their original vision without compromising to meet investor expectations.

Brighter Shores will be released on PC and Mac via Steam, adopting a free-to-play model that is becoming increasingly popular in the gaming industry. The game will feature episodic content, with players having the option to purchase a premium pass. "The premium pass grants access to all the content we've released up to that point," Gower elaborated. "Our plan is to release new episodes periodically, which we believe will motivate players to purchase the premium pass to access the latest content, thereby creating a cyclic engagement with our content."

This business model is designed to foster a dynamic and engaging player environment, encouraging regular returns to the game to explore new episodes and seasons. Gower's strategy emphasizes accessibility and sustained interest, offering players continual fresh experiences without a hefty upfront cost.

Gower's passion for Brighter Shores and its potential to reinvigorate the MMO community is palpable. Through careful planning, strategic growth, and a player-first approach, Gower is poised to deliver an MMO that could redefine player expectations and set new standards for independent game development.

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