New Brighter Shores Video Highlights Room System and Map Features

New Brighter Shores Video Highlights Room System and Map Features

By Ryan in News • Published 1 month ago

Andrew Gower has shared new insights into the room system of Brighter Shores, showcasing the interactive world map and user interface customization options in a recent video. This update highlights several key features that enhance the gameplay experience.

In his video, Gower provides a comprehensive demonstration of the world map functionality. He introduces voice commentary to explain the seamless transition between rooms and how these rooms are saved to the player's map upon entry. Initially, rooms are not visible on the map until the player enters them, at which point they are permanently recorded. The map has a dynamic rotation feature, orienting itself based on the player's direction, but it can be locked to a fixed north-facing position by clicking the compass icon.

The interactive elements within each room include various resources and objects that players can discover. By clicking on these items and selecting "Discover," their names are permanently added to the map, enriching the exploration experience.

Gower also responded to a user's question about the UI customization, confirming that players can move the map and backpack to any corner of the screen. He demonstrated this by placing his inventory below the map in the video. This customization allows players to choose different windows to be displayed in preferred locations, making the interface more user-friendly.

The video demonstrates the ability to toggle the map's visibility by clicking the compass icon or using an arrow key to keep it always visible. This feature, along with the customizable UI, indicates a high level of flexibility and personalization in the game.

Overall, these updates from Gower provide a promising glimpse into the detailed and customizable world of Brighter Shores, making it an exciting prospect for gamers who appreciate immersive and user-centric design.

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