Community Divided Over Room Sizes in Brighter Shores

Community Divided Over Room Sizes in Brighter Shores

By Ryan in Community • Published 2 weeks ago

Brighter Shores, a game developed by Andrew Gower, has generated significant buzz due to its unique room-based design. As the game progresses towards its Q3 release, community feedback has been diverse, with players expressing a wide range of opinions on the room system.

Reddit User Concerns

A recent discussion on Reddit highlighted several key concerns about the room sizes in Brighter Shores. Many users expressed that the rooms feel too small, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere that detracts from the overall gaming experience. This sentiment was echoed by players who prefer the open-world exploration common in other MMORPGs. For these users, the confined spaces of Brighter Shores seem limiting and less engaging.

Feedback from YouTube Discussions

A popular YouTube channel, Paradox Gaming Network, also addressed these concerns in a recent video. The host shared mixed reactions from viewers, with some appreciating the detailed, room-by-room design, while others found it restrictive. One viewer mentioned, "The room-by-room design isn't too bad, but the rooms are too small," a point with which the host agreed. They noted that while the design concept is innovative, it might not appeal to everyone, particularly those who favor open-world gameplay.


Support for the Room System

Despite these criticisms, there are players who enjoy the room-based approach. Supporters argue that the design allows for greater attention to detail in each room, enhancing the overall immersion. They compared it to a tabletop role-playing game, where each map is revealed progressively by the dungeon master. This methodical exploration can make each discovery more meaningful and engaging.

Game Design Philosophy

Andrew Gower's vision for Brighter Shores revolves around creating a detailed, immersive experience reminiscent of classic tabletop games. This approach involves players uncovering the world piece by piece, allowing for a deeper appreciation of the game's intricate environments. While the room sizes may seem small to some, the intention is to create a seamless, detailed experience that encourages exploration.

Room System Features

One of the notable features of Brighter Shores is its flexible mini-map system. Players can choose between a compact mini-map and a more detailed, permanent fixture. This feature has been praised for its user-friendly design, allowing players to track their progress and note important locations within each room. The automatic note-taking system also adds a layer of depth, reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, where players annotate maps as they explore.

Final Thoughts

The room-based design of Brighter Shores has polarized the community. While some players appreciate the detailed, immersive approach, others feel constrained by the small room sizes. As the game moves closer to its release, it remains to be seen how these differing perspectives will influence the overall reception of Brighter Shores.

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