Brighter Shores Still on Track for Q3 Release

Brighter Shores Still on Track for Q3 Release

By Ryan in News • Published 1 month ago

Unlike most massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) that typically take several years to launch post-announcement, Brighter Shores is set to break the mold with its swift development timeline. Unveiled less than six months ago by the up-and-coming UK development studio Fen Research, the game is on track for a third-quarter release this year.

Andrew Gower, the founder of Jagex and the lead developer of Brighter Shores, recently confirmed this in a tweet, sharing the progress of the game's development. "Hoping to finish implementing Episode 3 in the next couple of weeks," Gower tweeted. "Then we only have Episode 4 to finish off before launch (and Episode 4 is already well into production)."

This rapid progression is a testament to the efficiency and dedication of the development team. As they work diligently on the final episodes, the community's excitement continues to grow. The game, inspired by the cozy crafting elements of RuneScape, promises an engaging experience in a beautifully crafted world.

To maintain the momentum and build anticipation, Fen Research has been releasing a series of teaser videos and screenshots on Twitter. These previews offer fans a glimpse into the game's mechanics, including the world map, TCG-like information cards, and profession capes. The teasers have been well-received, fueling the hype surrounding the game's upcoming release.

As the third quarter approaches, players eagerly await a confirmed launch date. With Episode 4 already deep into production, it seems likely that Brighter Shores will meet its ambitious release window, delivering a fresh and enchanting MMO experience sooner than expected.


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